Frequently Asked Questions.

What is your delivery schedule ?

Because of the variety of models and the care taken to produce our handmade knives, the schedule is 3-5 business days. For engraved knives, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks. In all cases (including birthday's, anniversaries and celebrations) feel free to call us for asking at, or email us  with your delivery dates, We will provide our shortest lead time possible.

How do you ship?

Depending your location , there are different methods of shipping:
- By a registered letter though standard mail. Note that there is no online tracking for this type of slow shipment so please be patient. However, it is inexpensive and appropriate for deliveries to private homes.
- For deliveries in western-northern Europe we recommend EXAPAQ / DPD with online tracking of your package. This premium service is a must for those who want to be delivered to their workplace.
- For USA – Canada, UPS provides the same service as Exapaq above


More about shipping?

1 - Your order is shipped in a neutral and anonymous packaging. There is no reference to knives on the packaging. 
2 - The package is tightly closed. We use reinforced tape, perfectly suited for this type of transport.

We were the first knife manufacturer in France to sell our production line direct to the consumer, we have 10 years of extensive experience of shipping packages worldwide. 


Are the knives sold on this website really made by you ?

Yes, all the knives you are on this site are exclusively manufactured in our workshop in Thiers-France. Our company is labeled "Living Heritage Company".  All our cutlery is 100% Made in France. This has always has been our policy : we are proud to produce locally and do NOT import either knives, neither spare parts.

Exceptions: the raw materials that are not available locally, such as ebony, ivory warthog from Africa or of special steels that come from Sweden.

Hand made knives or mass production?

These knives are NOT machine made. The whole production is performed by a skilled young team, although qualified and experienced. This is your guarantee of a product made "in the rules of the art". There are never two identical knives because we work freehand, and because each of our cutlery brings his personal touch, such as guilloche (file worked)  on the spring.

As a consumer, what are my reference points?

As a manufacturer, we are honest and proud that our name and trademark embosses the blades. All our knives are sold with a numbered warranty certificate providing our name and address.

And what’s about the warranty?
Because we are confident of the high quality of our knives we guarantee them for life!

This warranty is limited to normal use: a pocket knife will be used exclusively to cut, it is not a designed to be used as screwdriver, chisel or lever bar.


How can I decide the size of my knife?

Le Capuchadou knife